2021 Yearling Bulls for Sale

KCF Bennett Absolute (sire of some of our bulls)

Alcorn Angus 2021 Yearling Bulls for Sale

For more information contact Ross Alcorn, 308-430-0729

20083/20/2020KCF Bennett AbsoluteBear Mt 311879I+6 .05I+1.5 .05I+55 .05I+96 .05I+21 .05 
20093/21/2020KCF Bennett AbsoluteRA War Alliance 963 135478I+6 .05I+1.3 .05I+53 .05I+97 .05I+22 .05 
20253/27/2020KCF Bennett AbsoluteRA War Alliance 963  125780I+8 .05I+.4 .05I+50 .05I+92 .05I+23 .05 
20263/27/2020Clunes Crossing Dusty M13RA Bear Mt 5140 186776I+9 .05I-1.2 .05I+41 .05I+84 .05I+30 .05 
20383/31/2020TCAVisionary 158  1616RAWar Alliance936 135376I+4 .05I+1.6 .05I+49 .05I+91 .05I+27 .05 
20404/01/2020TCAVisionary 158  1616Bear Mt 804675I+8 .05I+.04 .05I+43 .05I+80 .05I+24 .05 
20444/01/2020Leachman  TL Bottomline G385ERA Connealy Reflection105  152870I+11 .05I-.1 .05I+54 .05I+100 .05I+29 .05 
20544/04/2020GAR High Security JSF 4005RAConnealy Confidence 132280I+11 .05I-.1 .05I+55 .05I+93 .05I+22 .05 
20564/06/2020Clunes Crossing Dusty M13RA Connealy Reflection 105  145076I+11 .05I-1.9 .05I+49 .05I+91 .05I+29 .05 
20624/08/2020GAR High Security JSF 4005RA Traveler2508 154682I+10 .05I+.04 .05I+53 .05I+90 .05I+23 .05 
206704/10/2020Connealy Dry ValleyRA Traveler2508 155767I+2 .05I+3.2 .05I+48 .05I+90 .05I+26 .05 
206804/14/2020GAR Wide Brim W46RAConnealy Reflection105 153277I+8 .05I+.1 .05I+56 .05I+101 .05I+29 .05 
207204/16/2020Connealy Dry ValleyRA Traveler2508 1547  70I+3 .05I+2.6 .05I+45 .05I+86 .05I+24 .05 
20734/16/2020Connealy Dry ValleyRA Power Tool 1522h73I+6 .05I+2.2 .05I+49 .05I+94 .05I+27 .05 
20754/18/2020RA TCAVisionary158 1616RA War Alliance936 123678I+5 .05I+1.2 .05I+42 .05I+79 .05I+27 .05 
20814/27/2020RA TCAVisionary158 1616RA Leachman Decision161480I+7 .05I+.5 .05I+44 .05I+79 .05I+27 .05 

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